A Happier, Greener, Healthier Build

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A Happier, Greener, Healthier Build

We can make your project greener and healthier. We can install a wide variety of quality materials, energy star appliances and modern fixtures with the newest technologies. These offer the highest efficiency ratings to make your project more affordable, healthier to live in and easier to maintain.

Low flow fixtures will significantly lower water consumption and associated costs while contributing to a better environment.

Mold and allergens are a huge concern. Sustainably forested hard wood flooring and premium quality porcelain tile make keeping your projects cleaner, ultimately reducing build up of pet dander, allergens, and dust mites.

We use non off-gassing, no VOC paints and finishes that are formaldehyde free. We use Eco-Batt brand insulation in all walls as it provides a sound barrier as well as keeping heating and cooling bills down.

Additions and remodels can take advantage of high efficiency windows and doors, allowing light in, while providing a more spacious feel and keeping harmful UV at bay.