Whether it is a buyer’s or seller’s market, improving your home prior to a sale benefits all involved. Buyers are wary of deferred maintenance issues as it is often an indication of hidden damages. It is not uncommon for a buyer to be shopping at the upper most limit of his or her price range and therefore even minor repairs become a concern. Having your home look its best and receiving a clean bank-required inspection report leads to a quick close and limits secondary negotiations. We bring to the project experience that is based on completing repairs correctly and providing a product that will serve for years to come.

Most common deferred maintenance items include roofing left beyond expected service life, wet or dry rot, failed plumbing, leaky or failed windows, heating or central air conditioning problems, dilapidated kitchens and baths. We can complete a thorough walk through of the home and provide an itemized detailed estimate along with a personal explanation as to what I believe is the best repair solutions for each client. Repairs are then correctly completed on schedule and within budget. We don’t believe in short cuts, quick fixes or cover ups as this is a disservice to our clients and to potential buyers.