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We had inherited my mother’s house in Menlo Park. My sister and I decided to upgrade it in order to sell it for top-dollar in the 2015 Real Estate Market. After having Mike Mrakovcich of Mrakovcich Construction, do an awesome remodeling of two bathrooms in our San Ramon home, we decided to contract him to handle remodeling the Menlo Park house because we knew he is licensed, bonded and insured. He helped us to make an $800,000 house into a $1,500,000+ property.

We started with a 1,100 sq ft, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house, which hadn’t been touched since it was built in 1953, with the exception of a roof replacement sometime in the 1980s. We sold a 1,500 sq ft, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, completely upgraded from the inside out. In order to add an en suite bathroom to the master bedroom, Mike and his crew had to expand a bedroom and make it the new master bedroom. Mike also entirely modernized the existing bathroom. He had to completely reconfigure the kitchen in order to make room for modern appliances which formerly had a 1950s refrigerator, a 1960s stove/oven, no dishwasher, and no microwave…not even a waste disposal. He also removed walls to create an “open concept” flow from the dining area to the living room. Since the house was heated with only one wall heater, he ended up installing a central heating and air conditioning unit with all the attendant ductwork, while we had him replace the roof.

Mike essentially tore up the entire house in order to bring the electricity and plumbing up to code in order to handle modern requirements. We also had Mike wire the house with cable and internet wiring in the living room and all the bedrooms. While working in the kitchen he noticed that the ceiling joists were running in the wrong direction, which he explained to us and we had him fix. He also took care of resurfacing the sooty, wood fireplace with a renovated, stone fa├žade. Mike expanded all the tiny bedroom closets into sliding, wall-covering mirrored doors in each room with a minimum of labor. He also replaced all the doors in the house with updated interior and security exterior doors. He refurbished the original hardwood floors and replaced, with matching hardwood, areas that could not be restored.

Mike had his crew working on the exterior of the house while remodeling the interior. While installing the new roof and its expansion, he had to reinforce the beam across the roof line and install new gutters which disappeared during the 1980s roof replacement. He installed all new custom-sized windows and added a sliding glass door to the new master bedroom. He poured a new, expanded driveway and walkway, as well as adding a new parking pad on the other side of the house since Menlo Park does not allow overnight street parking. He suggested an economical way to re-stucco the outer walls and handled the painting of both the interior and exterior of the house.

He put up extensive new fencing and gates all around the property. He installed sprinklers, a lawn and landscaping in the front yard. In the back yard he removed a broken, concrete fish pond to revamp the backyard landscaping. He repaired the back patio and created new steps into the house.

We devoted quite a bit of time and money to renovate the house to maximize our return on investment. We would not have been able to profit so much on our asset without Mike Mrakovcich’s help. He was able to take our ideas and translate them into the tangible. He discussed all the items that went into producing the remodeled house, making sure we both understood why each choice was made and that we were happy with the choices. He patiently went through every change order and spelled out all the charges being made. When we selected the materials and fixtures for the house, he pointed out the pro and cons to each item so we could make informed selections. He made sure that all permits and inspections were made in a timely manner as possible. He and his crew went out of their way to accommodate to our requests and to respect our property. To some, his pricing may see high but “you get what you pay for”…it’s worth remembering that you are guaranteed genuine materials, fair labor and solid workmanship. We look forward to working with Mike on future projects.