Headshot of Michael Mrakovcich, owner of Mrakovcich Construction in Livermore, CA

My name is Michael Mrakovcich. Since an early age I remember having a very strong interest in building. My father was an electrician and kept a large assortment of tools on hand. My brother and I were taught and encouraged by our parents to learn, use and enjoy the tools safely. We would drill holes, drive nails and cut boards, solder, and weld. I found this exciting and encouraging. Later, in my youth we lived in a neighborhood that seemed to have home after home being built. On weekends, while others our age may have gone to a park to play, my brother and I would be climbing through the house framing, observing, and learning how homes were built.

As a young adult while in school, I worked for several different small contractors and soon after began doing handy man work on my own during my college days. After college, I moved to San Francisco and worked for an investor taking care of his Pacific Heights apartment and condominium units, which there were many. While with him, every day held new challenges. Then, I worked for a number of mid size construction companies over the years and at several different capacities. I started out learning all aspects of the trades and worked my way up to senior estimator. I moved to a new company for more challenges and this next construction company hired me to manage their newly formed construction arm as the construction division manager. The third and final company prior to starting my own business hired me as their vice president of construction. Over a decade with these three companies taught me many new things about the industry I already thought I knew so much about. Now with my eldest went off to college, I had the ambition and desire to start my own company, a collaboration of all the good I found from my previous experiences. I am in my 50’s, and my construction experience has taken me from the simplest of home repairs to complete foundation builds and rebuilds. I have worked extensively with fire and water damage remediation, remodels, additions, light commercial, and commercial tenant improvements including working with metal framing. One of my favorite projects is adding about 500 square feet to an existing home to include a new bathroom or two and an additional bedroom. This is truly a satisfying project for all involved.

I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people, I love construction and gain great satisfaction from providing our customers with quality and service.