A Big Facelift

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In terms of residential projects, this remodel was both elaborate and exciting. My core team has been with me over 10 years, and I was confident that I could deliver a quality home remodel of this caliber.

The first part of this project was removing the posts in the garage space to allow the homeowners more room. In order to do accomplish this portion of the project we installed a 40 foot long steel beam supporting the 2nd story bonus room. Due to the large span in this three car garage, wood was not a strong enough material so we used a steel girder.

The focus then became the transformation from a Spanish influenced style home to a Contemporary one. We removed the balconies that the homeowners were not using, this brought in extra light to the bonus room. We updated the portico (a covered walkway supported by columns)  to become a focal point of the home.

A beautiful home such as this demands a custom high end roof solution. Boral Duralite Slate was installed over a Low E reflective barrier and raised battens. The thick refective barrier both insulates and reflects heat away from the home. Raised battens lift the roofing material off of the decking creating an air gap further insulating the home. The stunning slate tiles finished the look. This configuration is significantly cutting energy costs.