A Deck To Stand The Test Of Time

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I received a referral from our local hardware store. The client had a Philippine mahogany deck that provided many years of enjoyment but was clearly at the end of its lifespan.


      I waxed all cuts with an Ipe sealer to prevent any water from being absorbed into the ends of the boards. This is sure to add longevity and prevent splitting.


  • mrak-drill-deck-boardsOil was used instead of a polyurethane finish. Not only was this a great look for such an exciting wood but maintenance will be less for the homeowners in upcoming years.
      Beautiful decks demand thoughtful fastening. I was able to show off the wood grain and add longevity to the deck using some simple techniques. To minimize any future splitting or cracking, I pre-drilled the screw holes at critical points. I also installed the fasteners from underneath to reduce the possibility of water intrusion and to add a cleaner look.

Now with simple maintenance, this lovely family will have a luxurious deck built for entertaining, and it will last decades.