A Stalled Project Recovered

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A local homeowner was in a bind, needing a quality, honest contractor to come help with a stalled project. He had hired a door company to replace 2 sliders, but as soon as they took out the doors they saw dry rot, a problem they weren’t equipped to handle, and had to stop. He hoped online and found my website, I was able to come out and look at the job and gave a written estimate on site. We made sure the home was secure and started the project within 10 days. In order to maintain the warranty from the door company, we kept them involved in the process. I wanted to make sure that my client not only had excellent work done but they were also protected by the warranty in case there was any manufacturer defects with the doors that showed up later. 

The client was so impressed with my ability to complete the project with quality workmanship that they hired me for their next project. I was able to take on the the next project, which was a major remodel, because I have the experience to take a job from start to finish even with the inevitable surprises that happen. The remodel included kitchen cabinet refinishing, bathrooms vanities, floor refinishing, siding repairs, crown and baseboard installation, interior and exterior painting by hand and insulation.