Big Return On Investment

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I had a client who had a very lovely but outdated home that was about to go on the market, they called me to update it so that the home could be priced higher. They had a limited budget. Instead of renovating the whole house with cheap finishes, I selected the key areas that help a house sell faster, kitchen, bathrooms, floors and painting.

Curb appeal is so important to selling a house, so I gave this exterior a facelift. I removed all the dry rot and replaced it with new wood and sealed it properly. The homeowners liked the colors, which worked well on the house, so I chose something similar but with a modern twist. To give the house the most pop, I applied all the colors by hand with a brush and roller technique.

Kitchens are really the heart of the home and I wanted this one to feel welcoming. I did solid wood cabinets, quartz countertops, with new flooring that I brought throughout the house. The owners originally considered hardwood floors and quickly realized they were not in the budget. I suggested a cost-effective alternative that looks like wood, has a softer feel than real wood, is just as durable, and as an extra bonus they are waterproof! The LVP (luxury vinyl plank) looks beautiful.

This house is ready for its new owners now. I spoke with the listing agent and was told that the increase in value is over double their renovation cost.

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