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I am a general contractor with over 30 years experience. I thoroughly enjoy the renovation process. Bringing new life and usefulness to neglected homes is a satisfying and worthwhile experience for me. I have been creating new layouts and modernizing spacesĀ  in an area where land is at a premium.

What typically causes people to move from their homes is that the current home is no longer meeting their needs. My ideal client is a homeowner willing to modify the home in order to stay in it. I do this by creating new bathrooms, open concept floor plans, new kitchens with modern appliances, creative storage solutions, and finding the most efficient ways to add square footage.

I got started in the industry working with fire and water damaged homes. Over the years I moved toward modifying homes through renovation. The relationships I have built with my tradesmen are hugely important to me, allowing me to find creative ways to bring projects in on time and on budget. My end goal on every project is making my clients happy.

In my spare time I enjoy being with my family, we have two sons and a daughter and we all love the outdoors. There never seems to be enough time for fishing, hiking and growing vegetables in our garden. Our tomatoes have been amazing! This downtime refreshes me and allows me to continually focus on ways to provide quality workmanship to my clients.