Quick Response Needed And Mike Was There!

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After a massive plumbing leak our client was left high and dry with no bathroom. The plumber and remediation team came through and left holes throughout her house. They had fixed the underlying issue, but her kitchen and bath were left unusable.  As soon as I heard of her situation I rushed over to meet with her and assess the repairs needed. I knew that this was not something she had planned or budgeted for so a thoughtful plan was necessary. I found temporary fixes for the kitchen without compromising the beauty of the home and I was able to give her a brand new bathroom. 

Work began quickly in the bathroom, which was a large space but not being utilized to her liking. She didn’t want to keep the tub, which allowed for a larger shower with a bench. I trimmed the tile with brushed nickel edge instead of a typical bull nose to give it a more modern look, which is the style she was looking for. I used a wood-look tile throughout the bathroom and, instead of the typical wood baseboard, I continued the tile up the bottom of the wall and polished the exposed edge for a finished look.

It was wonderful working with this client. I get a great amount of satisfaction being able to help clients in need.