September Ended Up Being Brick Month

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I typically do not do a lot of brick work. However, I did get two brick projects back to back. They both involved dry rot and wet rot and water drainage issues.

The stair case project was completely collapsed upon my arrival and had been that way for some time. The customer was extremely nice but the budget was tight. A solution was to repair the existing stairs instead of a complete replacement cutting costs by over 30 percent. Everyone was okay with a repair idea even though it was never going to be an exact match between new and old. Once the brick work was done, we had all new railings custom made to meet the current codes.

The patio project involved water draining toward the home. Who ever laid the original stones either didn’t take into account the slope or the patio just settled toward the home over time. Either way, water was getting under the home and undermining the foundation. The customer wanted something similar to what they originally had and also wanted to have a refreshed look. Our solution was to remove the existing stone, re grade the front area of the home and then install new pamay pebble with brick inlay.

The projects were fun to do and the customers are happy and enjoying the repairs.