Joseph S

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I am the Operations Manager for a construction company specializing in managing multi million dollar commercial projects with demanding budgets and schedules.  Our work is typically subcontracted to many specialty companies.  Over the last decade our company has been able to count on Michael Mrakovcich and his team  to handle all manner of projects ranging from those simply too small for our company, to those that we have been too busy to complete, and to those projects that fall into the gray area between the skill sets of our standard subcontractors.  Michael has been assigned simple projects from as small as several thousand dollars, which may involve a few trades, to projects up to several hundred thousand dollars, which can typically include complete build outs of commercial spaces.  These larger projects often involve T bar ceilings, concrete work, lighting, electrical, finished flooring, metal stud framing, drywall, painting, as well as specialty items such as dressing rooms, storefront glazing, commercial doors and the like.  We have been able to rely on Michael to assume complete responsibility delivering the superior product to our clientele that our company is known for.  Over the last 10 years our management team has been able to count on Michael to get the job done.  Michael brings excellent quality to the projects and they come in on time and and on budget.  I can, without hesitation, recommend Michael for any project he wishes to accept.