Wet And Dry Rot

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This home is nestled in a beautiful neighborhood in Livermore. When I first came to the home I found the wood siding was rotting. It was obvious to me that something was very wrong. Upon further investigation with the homeowner, we found that the existing siding was installed upside down. This trapped water in areas of unprotected wood causing wet and dry rot. Wet and dry rot are sometimes hard to detect.


However, with so much experience I can easily see it. Some signs that you can look for are soft spongy wood, dry crumbly wood, and lifting paint. Our plan for this home included taking down the existing siding, repairing rotted wood, installing a moisture barrier and then installing new redwood siding.

During 1

While there, we upgraded the home to include new energy efficient, casement style windows, and limestone accents. To complete this home transformation we also installed a new lawn, new sprinkler system, and trimmed the trees. Now this home has fantastic curb appeal.

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